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Long Code Services

Long code is a 10 digit virtual mobile number (also known as virtual SMS number) to which a user can send text messages in order to interact with applications and get the desired responses of a particular campaign. A characteristic of service that can be arranged while using a virtual mobile number can be an Information-on-Demand, Request-Response application, Activation of service, etc.

Short codes are applicable only in India, whereas long codes of virtual SMS number are applicable globally and any end user can send a normal text message to the virtual mobile number at normal SMS charges. Therefore, long code text messages are the perfect fit for business organizations that want to be in contact with their customers and clients through normal messaging media. Net Apple solutions offers every enterprise, company or business their own virtual mobile number at a very affordable price.

Long code text messaging service is perfectly suitable for a closed user group like a particular set of people e.g. VIP customers, regular customers, vendors, dealers, Sales staff, employees, service engineers, etc. those who are regularly required to have a 2-way interaction using the SMS application in order to provide or transfer the required information. Many of our clients are successfully using our long code text messaging service and collecting information or feedback from the customers, clients, etc. Using this wireless subscriber you can call send text messages by the 10 digit code provided to you. This code can be used 24x7 with any pre-programmed application.

The long code text messaging service is a resourceful innovation introduced in India. It cuts down all the high costs of sending an SMS and gives you almost all the benefits as that of the5 digit short code SMS services. Our clients can choose any number suiting their requirements for our clients and these long code numbers can be then used to send text messages.

Dedicated Your Own number with unlimited keywords and sub keywords Sender will be charged only as per their SMS Plan. GSM Modem is required for SIM Hosting Outgoing SMS will be charged as per your SMS Package with us (not as per your SIM ) Supports International incoming messages Keywords can be resell Application, Integration, Working methods are exactly same as Short Codes only difference is that instead of 5 or 6 digit shared short code, you can use chose any mobile number as your dedicated long code number, you need to purchase a GSM modem and a SIM Card in order to set your own Long Code Number.Price List Long Code (Any 10 Digit Mobile number can be used).
Per Month Rent
1 Month
Rs. 1,000/-
3 Months
6 Months
Rs. 6,000/-
1 Year
Rs. 12,000/-


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